Misc. Illustration Work

Here you’ll find the many illustrations I’ve created, both traditionally and digitally.

Broughty Sand Castle – 2016 – Adobe Illustrator


Contrast Tower – 2017 – Adobe Illustrator



t shirt
Water Pollution – Eutrophication T-Shirt Design. Created as part of my graded unit during my studies at Dundee and Angus College. The idea behind this piece is hypoxia, created by what’s known as ‘algae blooms’, which essentially starves the water of oxygen, which kills all life. This is caused by nutrients seeping into rivers, lakes, etc, which often come from fertilisers used on farms. I wanted to create an image without words, so I added a QR code to the UN’s page about the subject of water pollution.
Created with Adobe Illustrator.


Divided – 2017 – Pen on paper. Self portrait 🙂


pi volo remake
Pi Volo Remake – 2017 – Adobe Illustrator


CLARITY – 2018 – Photoshop


Ghoulette sketch
Nameless Ghoul – 2018 – Adobe Illustrator


Intergalactic Flower Watcher-FINAL-PNG
Intergalactic Flower Watcher – 2018 – Photoshop


Ana Portrait
Ana – 2017 – Adobe Illustrator
Portrait of Arati – 2017 – Adobe Illustrator


Diane the Tulpa Being – 2017 – Pen & pencil on paper


Mountain Hand – 2018 – Photoshop


“Svengali – Why are we the enemies?” – 2018 – Photoshop


Poisonous – 2018 – Fineliner and Copic markers on paper.